about our clothing

About our clothing

All our tops are designed and printed by us on certified sweat-shop free clothing, because children should wear clothes not make them.

Our T-shirts are made from 100% premium durable cotton in a loose style fit, designed to withstand all the wear and tear your mini humans can throw at them. Be it the playground, day-care, kindy, after school hangs – Made Wonderful clothing is perfect for anywhere your minis need a reminder of just how wonderful they really are.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Dani, Mumma Duck to a pigeon pair, and owner and creator at Made Wonderful.

The Made Wonderful journey began in early 2018 while on Maternity Leave with my baby girl and was inspired by my 3yr old son Luca. A very intelligent but sensitive little soul, he tends to find new social settings a little overwhelming to process.

As a mum and someone prone to a little anxiety myself, I wanted to do my best to equip him with the tools needed to combat these feelings. We often have chats about what it means to find our confidence within, how to be brave and show courage, but I wanted to find a way the he could take these messages as little reminders with him into these settings. The idea to print them on clothing was born, and thus, I got to work learning how to design and print T-shirts.

Inspired by the difference that wearing these empowering messages made for him, I set about creating other designs. I discovered the creative process was just the outlet that I had been looking for. As someone who has had a life long struggle with poor self-image, it became a mission of empowering myself as well as others. Every T-Shirt designed is a reminder to myself, my own children and hopefully yours too that we are all in fact made wonderful.

It’s a labour of love, and I hope that you like our T-Shirts as much as we do!